Air Conditioning in your home will change your life. No Kidding.

No more running to the store to stand in the freezer isle.

Creating A Retreat From Our Alberta Heat

Our Alberta Summers make it easy to forget all about record-setting winters.

Our heat waves may be short, but they are intense. Creating a retreat from heat and making your home more comfortable regardless of the weather is what we do best at KTP Mechanical.


Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Staying cool is important, but so is caring for the environment. Our top-rated, environmentally responsible new air conditioners allow you to do both. We offer a selection of units to suit different price points and that boast features such as quiet operation and impressive energy efficiency. We offer flexible financing for new A/C installations & replacements, so it’s easier to budget for the quality system you need.

Whether you’re installing a system from scratch including ductwork, or just swapping out an older unit for one that is more energy efficient, our team of professionals have the experience to get the job done right. From the consultation through project completion, you can count on courteous service from every member of our team.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Proper maintenance keeps your a/c working when you need it most

Garage Heater

Keep your daily driver vehicle warm and dry all winter.

Get A

Don’t wait and keep yourself calm and cool.