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Hot Water Heaters in Leduc, & Greater Edmonton

Hot water is a vital part of everyday living, providing your home with an array of comfort from hot baths to clean clothes. With a thorough inspection, expert installers and quality service, we make sure you never have to be without hot water.

Every family and home is unique and uses their hot water supply differently, so we take the time to discuss and understand your needs before we recommend repair or replacement of your system. 

There are lots of choices when looking to replace or upgrade a hot water heater today, It can be confusing to determine which water heater is best for you when comparing storage tank water heaters (the most common type) to tankless water heaters. 

We consider the size of your family, the fuel source available, venting options and the location of the installation.



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We offer financing options that make it simple for you to gain improved, reliable home comfort. We take care of all your needs including the affordability factor.

If you need a new furnace, air conditioner or garage heater we can do a quick application and offer low monthly payments.